Green Design

Graham Ash Architects
Mr. Graham Ash
65 Leigh Road
Hampshire, SO50 9DF
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The practice has a stated commitment to providing innovative design that is environmentally responsible. This means that we will advise our clients on alternative ways of developing projects that may provide long term rather than short term benefits.

Amongst the areas of interest are:

  1. Residential Design and Planning to maximise energy gains and minimise transportation costs.
  2. The use of appropriate technology to reduce energy consumption. Of special interest is the use of Heat Pump technology. Graham Ash spent a year of study at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology in London. He published a paper entitled 'The integration of Heat Pumps in Domestic Buildings'.
  3. The reuse of building materials.
  4. The use of new products to enhance the life of products and reduce energy consumption.
  5. Solar and wind energy, Water recycling systems, Autonomous housing.
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